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About Us

About Us

Who we are: A multi-agency work group staffed from:

What we do:

  • Develop the framework for a successful BioEnergy economy in Washington State.
  • Advise the WSDA Biofuels Advisory Committee
  • Communicate unified messages about BioEnergy in Washington

Who we do it for

  • Agricultural producers
  • rural communities
  • energy/fuel industry
  • consumers
  • legislators
  • Governor Gregoire

How we do it:

  • Working collaboratively for coordination across agencies with no overlaps or gaps
  • Funding to support research, dissemination of information, loans to spur industry growth and market incentives
  • Making policy recommendations to our respective agencies and to Governor Gregoire to remove impediments and create opportunities

Why we do it:

  • Support a viable agricultural community and help farmers stay in business
  • Turn feed stocks and waste materials into energy
  • Reduce Washington State's dependence on foreign oil
  • Create an energy-wise society in Washington State
  • Support Governor Gregoire's vision for Washington State as the leader in BioEnergy

The report, "Washington State Bioenergy Team-2006 Status Update" provides a summary of actions accomplished during 2006 and a discussion of on-going bioenergy activities by team members.

WSDA Biofuels Advisory Committee

The Biofuels Advisory Committee was mandated by the legislature and is composed of representatives from both the public and private sectors. The Committee will assist the director of the WSDA in implementing the state renewable fuels standard. The Committee will also advise the director on other logistical and technical issues related to biodiesel and ethanol production in Washington. Minutes from the Committee meetings can be viewed at the WSDA biofuels website.

The Committee's August 2007 report Implementing the Minimum Renewable Fuel Content Requirements can be viewed here.

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